Non-religious funerals

We are experienced in arranging funerals for all, regardless of religion, faith or culture and in organising non-religious services.

Currently around two in three funerals that we arrange in the UK are what we’ve classed as “traditional”. This means that they follow the established rites of a particular religion, generally including a service led by a recognised religious minister at an established place of worship (or on occasion, the funeral home), followed by burial or cremation.

Increasingly there are more “contemporary” funerals, which often retain an element of religion, whether it be a hymn, a prayer, or the services of a minister of religion. However there is a degree of personalisation and celebration of an individual’s life, which is often expressed through music, words, flowers, or simply coffin decoration.

Just over ten per cent of funerals we arrange are what we’ve classed as “humanist”, which may be led by a humanist officiant, or family and friends of the deceased. These funeral ceremonies tend to focus exclusively on the deceased, celebrating their life, their personality and their achievements.